Mika at Te Urewera

Mika at Lake Waikaremoana

Bon voyage to my friend Mika who is, for now, leaving New Zealand for other adventures. She really does have the best Instagram feed.

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State Highway 1, near Marton

State Highway 1, near Marton

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Mount Victoria

In between the wild winds of the spring, there is the occasional nice day to wander around Mount Victoria.








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The Vatican Ethnological Museum

I was surprised to find the Vatican contained an ethnological museum. It was perhaps the most interesting and disturbing part of Vatican City that I saw. The exhibits tell more about the collectors themselves than those who the artefacts were related to.

Portrayed in his dying pose is Tecumseh, who fought alongside his own people against the settlers. Portrayed standing peacefully is an American Chieftain who left his people to help the settlers.



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Hungry and Frozen: Number 6 on the Independent Top 20

LV-3Above: Hungry & Frozen Photography Day 2 (July 2012).

Good News Everyone! Laura Vincent’s cookbook Hungry and Frozen is available in stores, and it’s number 6 in the New Zealand Independent Top 20. Along with our friend Kim, my wife Kate and I helped photograph Laura’s recipes for this cookbook. It was a lot of fun, and because the food was all naturally styled it also meant we could double up as in-house taste testers too – second to Laura’s partner Tim. If you’re in New Zealand you won’t have any trouble finding this book in store on online.

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