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The Museum of Jurassic Technology (Los Angeles, CA)

The Microscopy Section. . . Welcome to the Garden. . . Napoleon in the Eye of a Needle. . . Laika. . . There is a rather discrete museum tucked away opposite opposite The Actors Gang on Venice Boulevard. It’s … Continue reading

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The City of Angels, Day 3 (Los Angeles, CA)

Morning in Rodondo Beach. . . Red Velvet at The Farmers Market. . .  Shiny and Consistent. . . This Flag Stands Strong. . . A City of Plenty We left Universal City on Saturday to stay with a friend … Continue reading

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This Hour Came Around Quickly

11pm Thursday the 26th of August. There’s about 8 hours until I hop on a plan to Los Angeles. From there I’m on an American Road Trip Honeymoon with my wife Kate. If you’ve helped us on our way, then … Continue reading

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Lucky (or how I came to acquire Tim Walker Pictures)

For a long time I’d coveted Tim Walker Pictures, in store and online. I felt lucky just having Kate’s copies of British Vogue featuring his work on my bookshelf. Pictures is the kind of utterly cool book that is still … Continue reading

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Eighteen Thousand Words

A ton of inspiring pictures have passed my eyes in the process of planning our road trip. Some of the pictures that made it to my wall map were of friends or from official websites, but the rest were sourced … Continue reading

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