Paris (Laura Vincent Safe)

Of all the places we visited on this trip, I think Paris was the closest to what I’d imagined. The baguettes were delicious, cafés excellent for sitting, and streets beautiful. I received a death stare when a clerk asked me a question in French that I had no chance of understanding, I’m sure the English response didn’t help, but that’s all part of the fun. The Centre Pompidou was fantastic, I recommend visiting. The bakeries were amazing beyond my wildest pastry dreams. The restaurant food was… French. But at least plenty of delicious cheeses can be purchased cheaply at the supermarket. Wandering the streets was one of my favourite things to do, next to visiting all the magnificent museums.

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  1. Just realised I never commented on this. These photos are stunning! The first one looks like a painting – even with the massive crane – very painterly light and composition. And thanks a squillion for going to the effort of making a me-safe version!

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