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Paradise Gardens (Summerville, GA)

When Jek saw that Kate and I had visited Salvation Mountain she suggested another folk art sight, Paradise Gardens. Unfortunately it was closed the weekend we passed through Summerville, but here’s a few shots from behind the fence.

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Doubles (Atlanta, GA)

Doubles are a street food from Trinidad & Tobago. It’s simply two pieces of fried bread with a spicy chickpea filling, but they still manage to stand out as uniquely Trinidadian. Knowing that I won’t actually make it to Trinidad … Continue reading

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Ted’s Montana Grill (Atlanta, GA)

It seems anyone who’s anyone has their own restaurant somewhere in the USA. Media mogul Ted Turner’s contribution to the casual dining scene is one of the more interesting ones. Instead of pinning everything on celebrity, Ted’s Montana Grill has … Continue reading

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Houston’s (Atlanta, GA)

Simply put, I have never in my life eaten anything as delicious as this French Dip at Houston’s.

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Fine, and Dandy (Charleston, SC)

Though getting into Autumn, Charleston felt like perfect summer days to us. I’m told it’s really hot in the peak of summer so I think late September was a perfect time to go.

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