Flying with Emma (The Aviatrix)

Emma took me for a flight up to Taupo a couple weeks ago. It was my first time in a small plane, and not nearly as scary as I imagined. It was however very strange going from pushing around a small plane to suddenly being up in the air. The coast was a little hazy but the views were great, particularly the desert road and lake Taupo. Not only was it great to see so much and travel to Taupo and back in one day, but I also got to take all those photos that I’m too timid to take on a commercial flight.

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4 Responses to Flying with Emma (The Aviatrix)

  1. Kim says:

    Wow, beautiful photos! Looks like you can see a lot more from one of the little planes.

    Is it bad that this makes Emma incredibly hot? (not that she wasn’t already beautiful, but y’know, situational hotness) Expecially the third photo.

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  3. Nina C. says:

    Beautiful pictures=)

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