Lucky (or how I came to acquire Tim Walker Pictures)

For a long time I’d coveted Tim Walker Pictures, in store and online. I felt lucky just having Kate’s copies of British Vogue featuring his work on my bookshelf. Pictures is the kind of utterly cool book that is still a little too expensive for me to justify the purchase for myself. Luckily for me, Kate got me this for my birthday this year. It’s easily the best book I’ve ever held. Beautifully designed from cover to cover, it is big, heavy and and features full spread photos and pages from Tim’s scrapbooks. As for the photos, it’s Tim Walker. And there is a lot to love about Tim Walker’s work.

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3 Responses to Lucky (or how I came to acquire Tim Walker Pictures)

  1. Sam Moukhaiber says:

    Hi! Does this come with a cover, with the picture of the girl with all the rabbits? or is that another edition. I was looking at that one, it’s about $80 on amazon. Please email me to let me know πŸ™‚

    • Jason says:

      The copy I’ve got came with the pictured cover on the book itself. The dust cover is printed with Lisa Cant and 80 White Rabbits. Order away, and enjoy πŸ™‚