Something to Travel For

Being on vacation is often reason enough to take photos and photos are sometimes reason enough to take a vacation. The Cherry Blossom Girl, Under Those Neon Lights and Tim Robison have posted some photos that would inspire me to hit the road, if I weren’t already. Tim’s photos really get me because he’s shooting film. I left my film cameras at home because there really wouldn’t be time to get it done on this trip, and also to save a little weight in baggage. I’m still tempted to pick up a camera here and shoot a few rolls. See the links below for more of their work.

The Cherry Blossom Girl: The Big Blue
The Cherry Blossom Girl: Exotic Pink
Under Those Neon Lights: Fair
That’s Just It Photo: Some News! (and film)

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One Response to Something to Travel For

  1. Tim says:

    Thank you, Jason. Go grab some film!