The Big Top Candy Shop (Austin, TX)

The Big Top . . And Still More Candy. . . With Soda Fountains to Boot. . .

South Congress has a very fancy candy shop with far too many tempting items in it. I really wanted to try the cucumber soda but they had just run out by the time I’d made my pick.

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3 Responses to The Big Top Candy Shop (Austin, TX)

  1. Em says:

    oh wow that looks so amazing! I would have had such a hard time choosing with all the prettiness around! I believe you have found candy mountain!

  2. Ashley says:

    This place is lovely!!! Cucumber soda? This makes me very curious!

  3. mrs. a-go-go says:

    but did you try the chocolate dipped bacon? i’m really digging your photos of your trip! we’ve overlapped many of the same spots and yer pics make me wish we hit Louisiana!