The Hobbit – An Inevitable Party

I took some time on Wednesday to wander around the crowd and shoot a few snaps of excited fans waiting for the fanfare of the Hobbit World Premiere. I’m very lucky to live in a city that can get so entirely excited about something geeky and film related. I saw a good share of well dressed hobbits, a ring-wraith enduring the heat in a full cloak and all manner of Middle Earthy types. I even heard rumours of an Ent wandering the crowd. A fantastic bunch of fans and a beautiful day for the celebration.

I also had a look in at Greg Broadmore’s Doctor Grordbort’s Exceptional Exhibition, now open on Cuba street through January. There’s a huge amount of paintings on display as well as sculptures and rayguns. Definitely worth the visit if you’re a Broadmore, Grordbort or Weta fan.

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