The Roxy (Miramar, Wellington)

The Roxy Cinema has finally opened in Miramar. The pet project for filmmaker Jamie Selkirk has had much input from Miramar businesses and the film community. Beautifully revamped in its original 1930s style, the theatre features two screens and a restaurant. While the first screening won’t be until Thursday, you should get along to visit and dine at the Coco at The Roxy. We brunched there and the scrambled eggs were perfect and the iced coffee the best I’ve had in Wellington. The experience was great, the atmosphere of a beautiful building adding a lot to the visit. These photos don’t do it justice, particularly the ceiling. So make sure you start making plans to visit The Roxy yourself. I look forward to both the first screening and to my first dressed-to-the-nines extravagant night of cocktails there.

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