Melbourne: Part Two – Good Eats

I came back from Melbourne spoiled. We had eaten so many great things at fancy restaurants and cosy cafes. And I don’t mean we had a treat, I mean I was spoiled. I found that I mostly wanted to do my own cooking. The idea of going somewhere to eat didn’t really appeal, save for the Miramar eateries (La Boca Loca, Polo & The Larder – Miramar is another place I’m spoiled) and Floriditas in town.

Happiness is the Taco Truck.

Miss Jackson we visited twice, it was around the corner from where we stayed and we left feeling there were other menu items we still needed to try. The service here was great! (Pictured: steak sandwich, blueberry crumpets and pear crumble with yogurt)

I felt Milkwood served up the two best food photos of my trip, rhubarb topped porridge and mushrooms on toast.

If you’re visiting Melbourne then I highly recommend a visit to Sonido!. The arepas were delicious, fluffy and light – something I’d never tried before. The Colombian hot chocolate leaves me jealous to this day! And their fresh lemonade was the most refreshing drink ever.

Best in show goes to Cumulus Inc., a place I’d love to eat again. Their take on the Croque Madame using smoked salmon hit the spot, but the black pudding (made in house) was the best I’d ever tasted. Cumulus did us a big favor, we’d planned to visit them on our last day, before leaving Melbourne. Kate was down with a cold and we ran late, we phone ahead and squeaked through the door 2 minutes before the close of breakfast (which does seem strict) and they seated and served us happily. Chef, forgive the friend who ran in and ate with us a few minutes later!

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