Melbourne: Part One – By Day

We visited Melbourne at the start of July. Being that it was the middle of Winter the weather was pretty far removed from that of a more regular holiday but it matched Wellington fairly well. A little chillier perhaps, but I consider it a win that I actually got to wear some proper winter clothing, pea coats, scarves and occasionally mittens. We took the more affordable but somewhat painful red eye flight, always forgetting the nauseating experience of having to get up at 4am for a 6.30 flight. I managed to get over my inhibition of taking photos on a plane and snap an early morning image somewhere over the Tasman.

Though Melbourne is on the same latitude as Wellington the nicer days still felt much like a Summer getaway. Maybe it was just the effect of categorically being in Australia, or perhaps the lack of hills – Melbourne has such a large sky.

During our week long visit we caught up with friends new and old; ate a great deal of food, walked from burb to burb and hung out in museums. I’ll keep you posted on the food sitch next time.


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